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Drawing February 5, 2022



Mossberg Patriot .308 - Walnut Stock

500 Tickets Maximum: Each Ticket Has At Least a 1/500 Chance!

We are selling $10 raffle tickets for this Mossberg Patriot .308 rifle with walnut stock, including a box of ammunition. (If you are a Maine resident it also includes registration and background check.) Tickets can be purchased online or in person. 


This raffle has been made possible thanks to an anonymous donation for the cost of the rifle, as well as thanks to Old Town Trading Post who donated the extras and will be selling tickets. Whitney's Outfitters in Lincoln and Pomeroy's Garage in Corinth will also be helping to sell tickets.


Proceeds will go toward essential training and equipment such as Wilderness First Aid training for all our members, and a lightweight rescue litter and wheel. No more than 500 tickets will be sold, so you have at least a 1 in 500 chance of winning! These tickets would make great stocking stuffers.


You can purchase tickets by clicking the PayPal button image preview below (PLEASE include the extra 70 cents per ticket for fees). Be sure and include your name, phone number, email address, and state of residence in the comments/notes so that we can fill your ticket out for you and send you a photo of it for your records!


Again, if you want to purchase in person, visit the Old Town Trading Post, Whitney's Outfitters, Pomeroy's Garage, or check in with a HISAR member. If you don't know any HISAR members, feel free to email us to see if someone lives near you, or enter your information in the form below.

Pay Online & Receive Ticket Electronically:


Email Us To Request Tickets:

We'll get in touch to arrange payment. We have members in Southern Penobscot/Piscataquis Counties, as well as in Millinocket, Auburn, and Litchfield.

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Thanks for asking about tickets, we'll be in touch!!

Full Disclosure: Drawing will be conducted by a disinterested 3rd party. Highlands SAR members and officers, as well as their family members, may purchase tickets, but must purchase those tickets from a different member.

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