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Ground Division

While some of our members are also Mounted searchers, all of our members must first become certified as a ground searcher. This is the "Search Team Member" certification through the Maine Association for Search and Rescue (MASAR).

Three levels of Ground Searchers exist; Trainees, Certified Search Team Members, and Certified Search Team Leaders. Ground  Search Trainees are trained in Basic CPR/First Aid and have passed an aerobic fitness test. To certify as Search Team Members, members must also complete the Introduction to Incident Command System online course, MASAR's Basic Search and Rescue online course, written exam, and field skills, and unit-sponsored or unit-approved land navigation courses. Search Team Leaders complete additional training that prepares them to lead a ground search team on a mission.

For more information on becoming a Certified Search Team Member, visit Training/Certification.

Ground searchers and support staff are also called on to assist the Mounted Division during mounted training exercises, either by hiding or providing Operations or Logistics support.

The Ground Division also includes Support staff who do not wish to respond to searches, but who wish to volunteer their time and efforts to the Search and Rescue effort.

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