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Mounted Division

All HISAR Mounted Teams must also be Ground searchers. In order to certify as a Mounted Team, they must first be Certified Search Team Members under the Maine Association for Search and Rescue (MASAR). Mounted Team members are expected to ground search when their equine partners are not requested, and are also expected to train regularly in Equine Scent Detection / Mounted Air Scent skills, regardless of whether they plan to attempt certification as a Mounted Air Scent Team.

At minimum, riders are trained in Basic CPR/First Aid, have passed an aerobic fitness test, and have received training in land navigation and radio communications. They have also successfully completed a Suitability Assessment and Mounted Team Certification Testing with their equine partner. Three levels of Mounted Teams exist; Trainees, Certified Mounted Teams, and Certified Mounted Air Scent Teams.

For information on becoming a Certified Mounted Team Member, visit Training/Certification.

For information on Equine Air Scent Detection, click here.

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